Products MF eSeries Furnace


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Approx. Heating Space: 3000 sq. ft.

Maximum BTU’s: 150,000/hr

Water Capacity: 60 (US Gallons)

Firebox: 24” x 28” x 32”

Firebox Door: 16” x 18”

Weight: 950(lbs)

Outlets 1 set of 1” feed and return

Chimney Size: 6”

Dimensions: 36” x 52” x 72”

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Approx. Heating Space: 5000 sq. ft.

Maximum BTU’s: 250,000/hr

Water Capacity: 125 (US Gallons)

Firebox: 31” x 34” x 38”

Firebox Door: 20” x 20”

Weight: 1,300(lbs)

Outlets 2 sets of 1” feeds and returns

Chimney Size: 6”

Dimensions: 49” x 56” x 80”

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Approx. Heating Space: 7500 sq. ft.

Maximum BTU’s: 375,000/hr

Water Capacity: 180(US Gallons)

Firebox: 34” x 46” x 40”

Firebox Door: 24” x 24”

Weight: 1,700(lbs)

Outlets 2 sets of 1” feeds and returns

Chimney Size: 6”

Dimensions: 49” x 70” x 88”

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Approx. Heating Space: 10,000 sq. ft.

Maximum BTU’s: 500,000/hr

Water Capacity: 230(US Gallons)

Firebox: 34” x 56” x 42”

Firebox Door: 24” x 24”

Weight: 2,000(lbs)

Outlets 2 sets of 11/2” feeds and returns

Chimney Size: 8”

Dimensions: 50” x 82” x 90”

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Approx. Heating Space: 20,000 sq. ft.

Maximum BTU’s: 800,000/hr

Water Capacity: 555(US Gallons)

Firebox: 52” x 60” x 52”

Firebox Door: 42” x 30”

Weight: 4,000(lbs)

Outlets 4 sets of 11/2” feeds and returns

Chimney Size: 10”

Dimensions: 82” x 98” x 100”

3 Outstanding Reasons to choose the MF eSeries furnace

1 – Easy on You

At HeatMasterSS we appreciate that your time is precious and we focus on providing time saving and convenient features to make running your furnace quick and simple. Some of our most popular features are:

  • Shaker grates and removable ash pan make cleaning a breeze. Just shake the grates and pull out the ash pan to remove ash.
  • The forced air fan pushes air through the grates at the bottom of the firebox, ideal for wood and coal burning and fast heat recovery.
  • The hinged rear door makes access to the rear of the furnace for installation and servicing simple.
  • Multi-fuel capability gives you flexibility in what you choose to burn in your furnace.  What does it mean for you? A more comfortable outdoor furnace experience.

The best warranty in the industry

We back each furnace with our best-in-industry Lifetime Limited Warranty, which is twice as long as the leading mild steel competitor. We are confident that you will enjoy the natural warmth that our furnaces provide for many years.

2 – Built to Last

We combine the best materials with expert engineering to create the most rugged, longest lasting furnaces available. Titanium enhanced, corrosion resistant 409 Stainless Steel is the only product that can provide the right blend of longevity, cost-effectiveness and other critical traits that meet the HeatMasterSS standard of excellence. 409 Stainless Steel is the best choice for your furnace because:

  • It resists corrosion. 409 Stainless steel is coated with a chromium film so it will not corrode from:
    • wet ashes or creosote in your firebox
    • sweating on your water jacket
    • corrosive elements in your water
  • It can withstand higher continuous temperatures.
  • It transfers more heat. Heat gets to your water at a higher rate which will save you on fuel.
  • It has a low Thermal Expansion Rate. It won’t crack and warp in a high heat environment.

3 – Cost Savings

Eliminate or reduce your heating fuel bill with wood or coal heat. Fuel prices can fluctuate erratically but wood and coal costs are consistently economical. It’s a secure feeling when you take control of your heating budget. You’ll even use less fuel with our efficient and reliable technology.

MF eSeries furnaces are very economically priced. This allows you to get the features, efficiency and BTU output you want with a short payback period. Whether you choose to finance your furnace or buy it and install it yourself, you will be delighted at the long term savings that our furnaces provide.

More Great Features

Crafted with premium workmanship and innovative design, MF eSeries furnaces work with almost any existing heating system and follow the HeatMasterSS standard for quality. These features and more combine to create a furnace that will save you time and money, and give you years of freedom, comfort and reliable performance.

  • NEW Triple pass exhaust allows maximum heat transfer into the water jacket.
  • The deep oval firebox design allows for more efficient heat transfer, extra strength and fewer welds with no corners for ash to collect in. The extra deep firebox allows more fuel per load and keeps the door cooler.
  • Forced air draft creates a very hot burn allowing your furnace to quickly react to your heating demands.
  • NEW Timer keeps the coal bed alive during idle.
  • Heavy duty shaker handle to keep grates from jamming when rocking them.
  • Easy to read water level gauge

Additional Features

  • Large insulated firebox door uses an easy-closing ball bearing latch making the door easy to open and close.
  • Firebox door design has a simple hinge adjustment.
  • Long lasting powder coat exterior finish.

Heat not only your Home but the MF Series will also heat the following:

  • Baseboard Heaters
  • Hot tubs and Pools
  • Livestock structures such as dairy and hog barns
  • Pressure washers
  • Snow-melt for driveways
  • Clothes Dryers